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No matter what film we put on they ALWAYS look so much better on our big screen. Our superb sound system helps as well!

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Listening to your comments, we are making a major change to our schedules.

From now on we are changing the start time to 2pm i.e. a matinee time. This will mean that in most cases it will still be daylight when the show is over!

We have redesigned the layout of the auditorium to simulate that of a night club, with 4' round tables and chairs to suit. Somehwhere convenient to put your drinks and food and so much nicer when talking to others in your company

We have some super programmes lined up for the coming months, so please come back often to make sure YOU don't miss ANY of them!
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PLEASE NOTE; Doors open at 1.00pm unless stated otherwise in the listings

Programme starts at 1.45pm

with main feature starting at 2.00pm

Come and Join us as we Offer the best in Musicals, Drama, Family

and Action Movies

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